Recent Projects Gallery Recent Projects Gallery Flooding & Water Damage In our neck of the woods, the Cowlitz River and the rainy season are always a concern. The home shown below was flooded on three levels, including the kitchen, living and family room. Once the river receeded, our challenges included putting some large trash pumps to work fast! The Cowlitz River flooded after heavy rain and run off. 113101019 Flooding & Water Damage The river brought with it debris (including oil) from other flooded properties. 113102421 Flooding & Water Damage Trash pumps were constantly monitored, moved and refueled. 113102645 Flooding & Water Damage The property was dewatered in 24 hours. In addition to the structure repairs, the landscape work was also demanding. 113102774 Flooding & Water Damage Thick mud in every room 113103218 Flooding & Water Damage Cleaned, dried and treated for mold. 113103416 Flooding & Water Damage Family room finished including new windows. 113103477 Flooding & Water Damage Kitchen demolition in progress. 113103478 Flooding & Water Damage Kitchen after initial clean up & dry out. 113103479 Flooding & Water Damage Finished kitchen. 113103480 Structure Lifts And Foundations This following home was also flooded by the Cowlitz River. With help from FEMA, the insurance company and Cowlitz County-- we made sure that this late 1800's Historical Home would never flood again. In additon to emergency services and interior remodeling, we raised the house 6' by installing a new foundation. Structure was lifted eight feet using steel beams and hydraulic jacks. 113103813 Structure Lifts And Foundations Foundation forms and scaffold were set in four days. 113104229 Structure Lifts And Foundations The foundation was poured and the house was set back down. 113104230 Structure Lifts And Foundations High and dry with new decks. 113104231 Fire Projects This small home was completely lost to a fire. 113104514 Fire Projects The home was demolished. The site was cleaned up and leveled. A new owner designed home was eventually built. 113104515 Fire Projects Fire damage is often limited to varying degrees of soot deposits and smoke odor. Soot deposits are removed and surfaces are repaired or replaced. Smoke odor can find its way into everything! When this happens, the contents of the home are removed, cleaned and deodorized by using very effective cleaning products and processes including Ozone Treatment. Smoke also has a corrosive effect o electronics and appliances. These items need to be disassembled and cleaned immediately to prevent damage. 113104513 Interior Remodeling Projects The following pictures include a variety of our interior remodeling projects. Including traditional renovations. Big moldings and color are timeless. We truly enjoy these projects and this shows in our workmanship! Crown molding, picture rail and paint were added to these rooms. 113108091 We also refinished the table and chairs to match the floors. 113108092 Traditional wainscot was added to the den and nook. 113108093 The table and chairs were painted to match the wainscot and trim. 113108094 A practical kitchen with traditional charm. 113108095 The hunter in this family also enjoys the improvements. 113108096 We converted a square corner into a hidden entertainment center. 113108097 Decks and Pergolas We added 1x4 cedar under the beams 1 year after we built this. The owner's wanted more shade. 113108737 Decks and Pergolas 113108738 In additon to this deck, we constructed a covered entry with a barrel ceiling on the upper level. 113108739 Wood vs. composite products is often a tough choice on a deck. Some customers prefer the natural appearance of wood and others want a low maintenance structure. 113108740 To maintain a natural wood deck we recommend applying a finish each year for the first three years and every other year thereafter. 113108741